The Virtual Temple of Tutankhamun
Hat NebkheperuRa Amenty Im Waset
"Temple of NebkheperuRa West of Thebes"

A place to learn about and celebrate both ancient Egypt
and modern Egyptian Paganism - Kemeticism

Iu em hotep (welcome)!

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It all started with a simple shrine and a web page. Visit the
topics in the sidebar to see how we've grown!



Read about Egyptian deities, popular controversies and basic Kemetic
practices in Following the Sun: A Practical Guide to Egyptian Religion.
Click on the cover image to order your copy.


Watch a simple Rite for Osiris and various tutorial videos
on the Kemetic Independent Youtube Channel:


Current Season: updated 1/31/2011
The current season is Peret (also spelled Proyet). You can read more about the Egyptian seasons and holidays in the Egyptian Festival Calendar.

Upcoming Holiday: Feast of Min


Photo Gallery:
We've had the tremendous good fortune in the past few years to celebrate a few
Egyptian holiday observances with friends in the local community.

Click on the links below to read about the holidays and see a few pictures.


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