Ancient Egypt Resources:

Learn about ancient Egyptian literature, mythology and historical figures (especially our patron!) in the pages below. Other helpful information can be found in the Links page.


Historical Background on King Tut

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses --coming soon!

Egyptian Festival Calendar


Sacred Texts of Ancient Egypt:
Forty-Two Negative Confessions (from the Book of the Dead)
Hymn to the Aton
Instructions of Amunenope
Pyramid Texts of King Unas (excerpts)


Free to Read - Downloadable PDF Articles:

The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice by R. K. Ritner
(This was Ritner's dissertation, now a highly regarded and referenced work.)

Execration Ritual by Kerry Muhlestein (deals with similar material)

When the Book of the Dead Does Not Match Archaeology: The Case of the Protective Magical Bricks (BD 151) by Isabelle Regen
(A very interesting look at how the Egyptians reconciled their own religious texts with practicality.)

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Theological Responses to Amarna by Jan Assman
(This work analyzes how Atonism influenced religious trends in the Ramesside period.)

The Life of Meresamun by Emily Teeter and Janet H. Johnson
(Fascinating look at the religious and everyday life of a Late-Period Temple Singer.)
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The Calendars of Ancient Egypt by Richard A. Parker
(A very difficult read, but has valuable information on lunar months.)

Do Not Celebrate Without Your Neighbours by Heidi Jauhiainen
(Fantastic reference for festivals in the Theban region.)
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Hymn to the Sun by Mark-Jan Nederhof
(Gives the Hymn to Amun-Ra of Suti and Hor, both in transliterated Egyptian and English.)

The Burden of Isis [Hymns to Sokar-Osiris] by James Teackle Dennis
(An older translation, but very useful reference for the Osirian and Sokar feasts.)

The Daily Ritual by Elaine Sullivan
(Great description of the daily service at the temple of Amun-Ra in Karnak.)

The Daily Temple Ritual From the Great Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak
(This is a translation of the Daily Ritual texts from Karnak, probably from Budge. It was used in an anthropology class, the course number is just visible at the page bottoms.)

Liquids in Temple Ritual by Mu-Chou Poo
(Fantastic discussion of the purpose and types of libations in temple rites.)

Procession by Martin Stadler
(Explains the festival processions for several major Theban holidays.)

Performance and Ritual in the Virtual Egyptian Temple by R. Gillam, C. Innes and J. Jacobson
(Interesting for its approach in blending technology with historical re-enactment.)


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