Timeline of Modern Egyptian Religion

1877 - Isis Unveiled is written by Madame Blavatsky, a major figure of the Theosophist movement

1888 - Isis-Urania Temple formed in London, England by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

1904 - Dorothy Eady, who would later become known as 'Omm Seti' and claim to be a reincarnated priestess of Isis, is born in a London suburb; at age three after a near-fatal fall, she begins having what she claims are visions of her past life in Abydos, Egypt

1904 - While in Cairo, Egypt, Aleister Crowley writes The Book of the Law, claiming revelation from the god Horus; this work becomes the basis for Thelemist philosophy

1915 - AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose Cross), the American Rosicrucian Order, is founded in New York; Rosicrucianism claims lineage from 18th Dynasty Egyptian priesthood

1921 - Margaret Murray, an Egyptologist in London, writes Witch Cults of Western Europe; although controversial, it becomes an influential work in the formation of modern Wicca

1922 - The tomb of Tutankhamun is discovered virtually intact in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, sparking worldwide Egyptomania

1933 - Dorothy Eady (Omm Seti) moves to Cairo, Egypt

1963 - Huntington Castle Centre for Meditation and Study, a New Age group and forerunner of the Fellowship of Isis, is formed

1966 - Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, built using Egyptian Revival-style architecture, opens in San Jose, CA

1971 - Church of the Eternal Source, the first exclusively Egyptian Pagan group, forms in California

1973 - Ausar-Auset Society, a Pan-African organization, is formed; combining Rosicrucianism with Egyptian and other African cultural elements, it is probably the first group to use the word Kemetic

1974 - Star of the Gold Cross, the first Wiccan coven in the Isian tradition, formed in Fort Worth, TX by Margo Dana

1975 - Influenced by Omm Seti, Pagan author Rosemary Clark begins Temple Harakhte

1976 - Fellowship of Isis founded at Clonegal Castle, Ireland; by 1992 it claims a worldwide membership of 24,000

1988 - Per Bast, forerunner to the House of Netjer, begins in Illinois

1993 - Temple of Sekhmet is built outside Las Vegas, NV by Genevieve Vaughan

1993 - House of Netjer, which also calls itself Kemetic Orthodoxy, forms in Joliet, IL

1998 - Akhet Hwt Hrw (Horizon of Hathor) is formed by forensic hypnotist and former House of Netjer member Kerry Wisner

2000 - Per Ankh, an offshoot of House of Netjer which calls itself Kemetic Revivalism, incorporates in Wisconsin

2000 - International Network of Kemetics, based in Chicago, IL, is formed

2001 - Nuhati Am Netjeru forms

2004 - Ta Noutri, a French Kemetic group, forms

Present - At this time there are at least 16 legally incorporated Egyptian Pagan/ Kemetic groups; at least nine active online forums devoted to Egyptian religion; and countless other groups that have websites and self-published books but no formal recognition. Due in large part to the growth of the Internet, these numbers will continue to grow through the 21st century.


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